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Finding the best online proofreading and editing services isn’t easy with so many options available. Experts from the industry decided to conduct an in-depth study into the best proofreading and editing services. They found the best proofreading services by looking at each major online editing and proofreading company and using their services as a customer.

What they presented was a proofreading and editing sites list consisting of comprehensive editing and proofreading services reviews, based entirely on their personal experiences.

Use our reviews to discover which site worked out best and which offers the most comprehensive service for customers. And discover which sites are in our top five list. Review offers proofreading and editing services to customers from all over the world. They operate a 24/7 service and adhere strictly to deadlines. It’s a quality editing and proofreading service offered at affordable prices. They also provide toll-free numbers so clients can get in touch with them as soon as possible. offers a range of editing services in all areas of marketing and academia. Students can order essay proofreading services, whereas large corporations can take advantage of their copyediting offerings. Customers can expect full privacy and security, so only they can see the status of their order. With a positive reputation, it markets itself as a quality editing service. Review is a highly competent company offering proofreading and editing services to customers from all over the world at cost-effective prices. They have accreditations and a number of awards to back up the expertise in their work. They specialise in proofreading and editing any type of document. You can order essay editing, thesis proofreading, and brochure editing, to name just a few things. They have a handy dashboard for customers who want to register an account for free and check their progress. Customers can expect full privacy and the utmost in quality, as this site has edited over 604 million words Review is an online company offering proofreading services to its clients. Using proofreaders with a high level of education, they produce high quality work in a short amount of time. At least two proofreaders will always review a piece of work. Customers have control over how quickly they can receive their work back, as well as the price they pay. It offers a variety of services geared towards different areas, such as business proofreading, essay editing, and books and manuscripts. The process takes place entirely online. Simply place an order and send the project brief, takes care of the rest. Review is a professional proofreading company offering editing and proofreading services for a wide variety of documents. Customers can send their files in any format and choose from a number of different packages. They offer turnaround times as short as 90 minutes, which makes it an ideal choice for people who need their documents right now. A live chat service allows you to keep in touch with the site, whilst signing up for an account updates you on the progress of your order. They offer full payment and order security, as well as an accreditation from the prestigious BBB organisation. Review is a professional online editing and proofreading service. You can send documents of any length and in any file format. Choose from services ranging from business proposal editing to academic essay proofreading. With editors positioned in Australia, the UK, and North America, this is a 24-hour service. You can get in touch with your editors and speak to them in real-time conversation. They also offer fantastic discounts for bulk orders. Everything is completed fully online, so there’s never any need to leave the computer screen. provides complete security for payments and orders, as well as the utmost in privacy. Review is a company dedicated to offering comprehensive proofreading and editing services to people from all across the globe. Most orders are returned to the customer within just 24 hours. They have a range of services, including newspaper editing and academic proofreading. They have competitive prices with transparency on what they charge for. With an emphasis on security and user privacy, you don’t have to worry about work falling into the wrong hands. To reinforce their commitment to a job well-done, each document undergoes editing by at least two professionals. Customers get exactly what they expect, and the testimonials on the website prove it. Review is a professional proofreading service, mainly for academic works. They take academic works ranging from basic essays to full PHD dissertations. At competitive UK prices, they only charge by the word count and not by the hour. There are no hidden charges or fees, so your initial quote will always be the price you pay. They operate a customer support helpline with support staff who can answer any questions about their services. The turnaround is relatively quick with good quality work on offer. All their proofreaders are native speakers of English and know how British academic circles work. It’s open 24/7 and provides regular feedback to its customers. Review is an online company specialising in professional proofreading and editing services for people based all over the world. They use qualified native English speakers to edit each piece of work. Customers have over 10 turnaround times to choose from, and the complexity of the document doesn’t influence the price. They have some real bargains on offer. You can pick from a variety of services, including business, academic, and personal proofreading. Or sign up for an account and enter a valid email address to have the finished piece sent directly to you, without having to come back to the website. Review is a company offering online proofreading and editing services for academic work and websites. They target their services towards people who might not have English as their first language. All their editors are native speakers of the language and have years of experience in the industry. They have serviced professors at major US universities, and have the work samples to prove it. Customers can sign up for an online account to make and track their orders throughout the process. They offer full privacy and security with all customer details. Using their expertise, they promote themselves as a high quality provider of academic proofreading and editing services. Review is a professional provider of proofreading and editing services to people all over the world. They use native English speakers to complete each project. Customers can order proofreading services for academic material like essays, theses, and research projects. They also have business and personal proofreading services. offers a support system which consists of a toll-free phone helpline and a live customer support line open from 12pm to 10pm. The company also involves itself in various initiatives, including the Charles Shafae scholarship. The site consists of a full range of resources to help understand what they’re offering and how to produce superior work.