Editmyenglish.com Review

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Editmyenglish.com is a website offering proofreading services. From looking at their website, they clearly specialise in essays and other academic material. They also have a dedicated section for website page proofreading. They claim to have served clients from a number of universities throughout the US. We decided to try edit my English to see if their professional proofreading was as good as it looks.


They price by the page and by the hour. Immediately, we were struck by how little value for money they were offering. For a start, they classify a page as 275 words, when most companies classify a page as at least 300 words.

For a standard 48-hour service you can expect to pay $4.99/page. It’s only just above the average. Where it starts to get pricy is with their rush orders. Order a three-hour turnaround and they charge $7.99/page. Proofreading for 275 words most certainly isn’t worth $7.99 at any rate.

Quality of the Services

We decided to choose their online essay proofreading service and see how they did. We left a few purposeful errors in the document we sent. Some were obvious and some weren’t. When we received the work back, they had missed out some of the more basic errors. It shocked us because they’d noticed the minor errors and missed out the major ones. We weren’t pleased with the quality.

Next, we tested their website proofreading service. As expected, they came back to us with suggestions on what to change. Unfortunately, their suggestions would have made the website far worse.


  • Website editing and proofreading
  • Essay editing
  • Thesis editing
  • Project proposal proofreading

How Soon the Paper is Done

You have four choices on the turnaround time for each project. Whilst the quality wasn’t great, as mentioned above, they got our work back to us on time. The only downside is you can’t order the faster turnaround times if your document is above a certain length. This struck us as quite problematic for people who need big documents done as soon as possible.

What They Offer

Editmyenglish.com’s proofreading and editing services encompass mainly academic work, but they also accept business and personal projects. You can sign up for an online account to make faster orders and track the progress of said orders. They use native English speakers to take on each project.

Additional Functions

The most interesting function we found was the money-back guarantee. According to the website, you can get in touch with them and discuss your project. If you were unhappy with the results, you can send it back for further editing or request a full refund. And they’re as good as their word. We requested our money back and we got it within a week.


Although they’re very generous with their money-back guarantee, we wouldn’t use this service again. Whilst they offer a basic proofreading service, they lack the expertise needed to really enhance a piece of work. We’ve seen superior quality elsewhere. We also weren’t satisfied with the pricing. We definitely wouldn’t use this company again for our proofreading needs.