5 is a company offering 24/7 proofreading and editing services to customers from around the globe. They have a variety of pricing options and can handle a large range of different documents. To find out the truth of the matter, we sampled some of their services to see if they were really offering top quality academic and professional proofreading services.


They operate a policy of complete transparency, and this applies to their prices. On the first page of the website you get a complete breakdown of their prices and turnaround times. Each project gets a price based on the number of pages (300 words) and the turnaround time.

For a turnaround of less than 90 minutes, you will have to pay $15.99/page. A 72-hour service costs $5.99/page. Now, it’s clear from the faster service any professional document editing and proofreading services will be expensive. You can find far better prices elsewhere. Even their cheapest service doesn’t offer particularly good value for money.
On the other hand, they do have discounts for bulk purchases, but these are custom prices.

Quality of the Services

We initially decided to choose one of their general professional proofreading and editing services; a simple essay with both glaring and subtle errors. Just like we expected, they managed to spot all the errors and rectify them. We couldn’t complain about the quality of work, even if the prices weren’t great.

As for their resume editing services, this was where we were a tad sceptical. The results weren’t bad, but some of their changes did seem slightly strange. They gave us back a strange layout which didn’t look good, and this is why we ultimately left disappointed.


  • Resume proofreading
  • Brochures and manuals
  • Book manuscript editing
  • Thesis editing
  • Academic proofreading
  • Essay editing
  • Website content editing

How Soon the Paper is Done

We didn’t always agree with the changes we received from their proofreading services, but they managed to get everything back on time. The 90-minute package was something we had to try because it’s such a short amount of time. And they got it back to us in good time and in good condition. They operate 24/7, so we expected nothing less.

What They Offer offers a selection of proofreading services to customers who want to remove any last errors from their work. Each piece of work goes to an essay corrector with years of experience in the industry. You can sign up for an account on their website to track the status of your order, or you can make purchases as a guest. They offer everything from a simple essay proofreading service to editing for larger and more complex documents.

Added Features

What we liked was you can submit your document in practically any format. It’s something not a lot of sites allow you to do. And for more advanced documents, conversion can be a pain.

Another feature of their professional proofreading services is their live chat system. Whilst it isn’t always online, you can usually get a detailed answer to your question.

Verdict? has a lot of things going for it. It has a wide variety of services and gives you control over how quickly you get your work back. Sometimes the quality is slightly inconsistent and the prices are simply too high. If you can ignore these glaring problems, this company is a worthwhile professional proofreading choice.