5 offers high-quality English proofreading and editing services. Most of their services centre on academic works at all levels. They are a UK-based business, which means they charge in pound sterling. We looked at their academic proofreading services and decided to see if they were really as good as they claim they are. Here are our comprehensive findings.


They have perhaps the simplest pricing formula around. It’s £8.49 for every thousand words. This translates to a rate of £0.0849/word. The prices they charge are easily the main advantage of using As they say on their website, they don’t charge for any extra work or any added time spent on a document.

Sadly, they’re a VAT registered company, so every order gets an automatic 20 per cent increase in price under UK tax law. You can get exempted from this by giving them your postcode, but this only works if you live outside the EU.

Quality of the Services

We decided to opt for their academic paper proofreading service, which is their speciality. We have to say we weren’t particularly pleased with the results. Whilst they spotted all the obvious errors, they failed to spot some of the more subtle ones.

Another issue with their academic proofreading and editing services was how they treated footnotes and other special formatting systems. When they make changes, they fail to think about the existence of other formatting systems. It caused a great deal of hassle when we used them.


  • Dissertation proofreading
  • Book editing
  • Essay editing
  • Academic thesis proofreading

How Soon the Paper is Done

We didn’t have any issues with the time it took for our paper to come back. Whilst you can’t order a quicker turnaround, they seem to get it all back within 48 hours. With longer documents, such as books, it would no doubt take longer. completes work in good time, but the lack of a rush order service remains a noticeable problem.

What They Offer provides professional proofreading services to its customers. It offers a fairly quick turnaround with competitive prices. They focus on proofreading of academic works, yet they lack any facilities for website content and business materials. It’s an online process using professional academic proofreaders, but they also offer a handy support helpline.

Additional Features

If you want to get in touch with them, you can call their support helpline. We got in touch with them about their journal paper proofreading service. Whilst the customer support representative was helpful enough, the tone wasn’t particularly welcoming. It felt as if we were being a burden on them by calling.


As a bog-standard professional proofreading service it does its job. But what you see is exactly what you get. You don’t get much in the way of support, and they seem incapable of being flexible with things like formatting systems. It’s not a bad service. It just lacks anything to make it stand out from the competition. Would we use them again, though? Probably not.