5 specialises in proofreading for a range of documents. They claim to offer a high quality service with competitive pricing. We wanted to find out more about their affordable online proofreading services, so we purchased a selection of their services to see if they were really as good as they claim to be. Here are our detailed results.


The prices vary. They don’t differentiate between book and manuscript proofreading and essay proofreading. The prices increase quite drastically as you shorten the turnaround time. For a 90-minute turnaround, with a maximum of 800 words, you can expect to pay 7.9 cents per word.

For a five-day turnaround, it’s 2.2 cents per word up to a maximum of 40,000 words. If you have a project larger than these word limits, you have to organise a custom project through their phone line.

It’s a tad too pricy for a lot of people. If you want student proofreading, it’s unlikely you would be able to afford it, assuming your parents aren’t paying for it.

Quality of the Services

Whilst we weren’t happy with the price, we still went ahead and ordered a resume proofreading package. We had purposely made some blatant mistakes in order to test them out. We were pleased with the results and there were no errors after we got it back. You definitely get exactly what you pay for with

Next, we sent them a document for business proofreading. Again, we were delighted to discover they had done exactly what was asked of them. We didn’t have to make any further changes after they had sent the piece back.


  • Proofreading for resumes
  • Business editing and proofreading
  • Academic proofreading and editing services
  • Essay proofreading and editing
  • Proofreading and editing for books and manuscripts

How Soon the Paper is Done

The length of time it takes for you to get results depends entirely on how much you want to pay. The prices rocket upwards for their online proofreading and editing services as you opt for quicker turnaround times. Even so, they got everything back to us on time. For the resume, we even had it come back a couple of hours before the deadline.

What They Offer offers a service where two editors proofread each piece of work. They all have specialist qualifications and years of experience in the industry. Customers can anticipate high quality work each time they place an order with this company. And it all takes place online, so it’s simple to place an order.

Additional Features also has a phone number you can get in touch with. It’s ideal for online proofreading and editing services because it’s often difficult to get quick answers to your questions.
Unfortunately, their helpline has a number of faults. Firstly, nowhere on the site does it state this number is toll-free. You have to pay to get help from And it’s only open during business hours. If you want a rush order at unseasonable hours, you won’t have access to additional support.


Apart from a few problems with their customer support helpline, is worthy of consideration. There are no flaws in its quality of work, and it’s always able to meet even the shortest deadlines. If you need a proofreader, this is a good website to choose.