5 offers a variety of professional proofreading and editing services at affordable prices. They have a variety of turnaround options and can seemingly take on any type of document. We decided to see if they were really all they claimed to be by going undercover and trying out their services for ourselves. Here are our detailed findings.


The prices depend entirely on the length of your document and the turnaround time. You can choose to wait two weeks, or you can have it in two hours. To find out the price, just enter the length of your document into their quote calculator. It will give you a breakdown of the prices for each turnaround time.

For a standard document of 1000 words, we could either pay $61.84 for a two-hour turnaround or $7.80 for a two-week turnaround. We thought this was very reasonable, especially as you increase the turnaround time.

Quality of the Services

We decided to try out their academic proofreading and personal proofreading services. For both of them, we got the same results. The prices are clearly reflecting the skills of the proofreaders handling the work. We spotted numerous errors scattered throughout each document. In some cases, it looked like they hadn’t really made any changes at all.
It was a big disappointment for us, and it’s already turned us off from what else they have on offer.


  • CV editing
  • Business proofreading
  • Academic essay proofreading and editing
  • Personal letters
  • Proposals
  • Cover letters

How Soon the Paper is Done

We tested both their long and short turnaround times. We always had our longer turnaround times delivered well on time. And, sometimes, we got our pieces back much earlier than expected.

Where we had issues was with the quick editing and proofreading services. Although we spent upwards of $60.00 on a two-hour turnaround time, we had to wait almost one hour extra to get our work back.

What They Offer offers a selection of online proofreading services. Customers enter their orders online and receive the documents back after they’re completed. The company operates three categories of service: academic, business, and personal proofreading. You can also choose from over 10 alternative turnaround times.

Additional Functions

You can sign up for an account to make ordering easier. It lets you store your files online and send them away as you please. It makes things more convenient if you want to make a repeat order.

You can also have your work delivered straight to your email account. Just send them your email and they’ll send your work directly to you when it’s finished. We felt this removed the need to keep checking back to the website to see if they were done.

Verdict?’s proofreading and editing services leave a lot to be desired. The site seems professional enough, but it lacks in substance. It has some useful features on offer, but it falls short where it really counts. The quality of work makes this a site you absolutely shouldn’t use for your proofreading and editing needs. There are far better options elsewhere.