5 is an online proofreading and editing company offering a variety of services to its customers. They specialise in editing and proofreading all kinds of documents, including business proposals and books. Whether you want academic editing or proofreading for a magazine article, they use high quality editors to attend to your work.

We tested their orders to see if what they were offering was really worthwhile. Here are our results.


The prices offered are confusing, to say the least. Using standard pricing per word, you can expect to pay $0.075/word. This is in line with most other proofreading and editing services. Where it gets confusing is in the fact they sometimes charge by the word, hour, or page. It’s unnecessary to have different prices, and it can sometimes mean you pay more for less.

Another problem with this editing and proofing online company is you have to pay at least $55.00. At their current rates, you must submit a document of at least 733 words or part of your order value isn’t actually going towards paying for any words.

Quality of the Services

We had few issues when we told them to start proofreading resumes for online submission. They got everything back to us on time and in good health. All they did was look at the text and eliminate any errors. They refrained from messing around with the layout and attempting to completely rejig the makeup of the resume.

We also sent them a few legal documents to edit. What we found was consistency in multiple areas. When we received these back, we had no problems with them. Editing online legal documents is much harder than editing a CV, so it highlights how they have an expert team conducting their work.


  • Newspaper and magazine editing.
  • Essay editing.
  • Academic thesis proofreading.
  • Legal documents.
  • Website proofreading
  • Letters
  • Resumes

How Soon the Paper is Done

You can usually expect to have your work started on within 5-12 business hours. You can order rush orders, but it costs far more and doesn’t guarantee the same level of quality. It’s not as fast as some other online proofreading services, and they acknowledge this. What they suggest is sending half the document first, so as to keep down the proofreading rates.

What They Offer gives you access to professional editors with plenty of experience in their chosen fields. You can send any file format to them and they’ll send you a quick quote. It’s an ideal service for people who don’t use English as their second language. They have high quality English editing services, and they’re always capable of getting assignments back on time.

Additional Functions

Every project goes through a second editor. You aren’t just placing your fortunes in the hands of one editor. It irons out any last mistakes and guarantees a document free of errors. And you don’t have to pay any extra for this service. It comes as standard.

Verdict? brings a quality proofreading and editing service. But it stops at the actual proofreading and editing part. The problems come with the confusing pricing lists, as well as the lack of focus on people who only want shorter documents completing. The time it takes to get a document back also isn’t ideal, especially if you need your job completed as soon as possible.