Wordy.com Review

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Wordy.com offers copy editing and proofreading services to people all over the world. They have editors in all different time zones, so they can operate a 24-hour service. Your project gets matched with an editor unique to your field each time you launch a new order. We went undercover to find out if Wordy.com’s professional proofreading and copy editing services are really worth any of your consideration.


Wordy.com uses a simple pricing system. You can choose its Bronze, Silver, or Gold service. Their cheapest service charges you 1.49p/word and their most expensive service charges 1.75p/word. But their most expensive service also costs you over £2,000. Whilst their discounts look good, it’s still quite expensive.

Due to currency considerations, customers in the United States can find themselves paying far more than they would if they chose another provider of proofreading and editing services.

Quality of the Services

We expect professional editors to handle any proofreading and editing work we set them. With this website, this doesn’t seem like it’s the case. Firstly, we ordered copy-editing and proofreading for business reports. What we got back was exactly what we expected. All of the errors we intentionally left in there had been resolved.

What we found when we decided to opt for book and manuscript proofreading and copy-editing was they had missed many of the errors. It seems like the longer the document the more likely they are to make an error. We weren’t impressed with the work we received here.


  • Essay proofreading
  • Book and manuscript editing
  • Business reports
  • Thesis editing
  • Medical proofreading
  • Website content proofreading

How Soon the Paper is Done

On the Wordy.com website there’s no information as to how long it should take to get your assignment back. It seems like they drop your project into a Content Management System (CMS), before it’s picked up by an editor. This leads to a lot of fluctuations in how long it takes to get your work back.

We’ve received assignments within just a few hours, whereas some of our other documents took a few days to come back. In short, it depends on which day you order.

What They Offer

Wordy.com offers a 24/7 proofreading service. They have editors from all sectors and specialities. It’s led them to offer a variety of editing and proofreading services, which range from editing essays to proofreading huge corporate manuals. It’s a real-time editing service, which means you can monitor the progress of your order from your computer desk.

Additional Functions

You can send your files in any format you choose. With the difficulties of converting certain file types without losing much of the internal formatting, this is an ideal feature to have.

You also have real-time conversation functions. It’s refreshing to be able to speak to the person editing your work. Other services don’t allow you to ever know who has worked on your project.


Wordy.com has a number of useful features for you to both keep up with the status of your order and talk to the people dealing with your work. On the other hand, the quality does suffer, and they’re terribly inconsistent. There’s also a lack of transparency in regard to the time it takes to get your work back. You can find better proofreading services than Wordy.com.